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Graphics Gal Friday

I'm a designer with a love for typography, strategy, intentional branding, research, and color-coded organizational systems. I believe that good design isn't just an end product, it's a methodology and a way of life. The work we do together becomes a platform on which to build out your brand, to grow your business, and to bring your dreams closer to reality.


Milo "Chunky Daniels"

The inspiration behind the brand for my little art shop, Electric Poodle Paperie, is my beloved late Peekapoo (pekingnese poodle) named Milo, or affectionately called "Chunky Daniels" or "Chunky D." 


Chunky was my adopted soul dog and passed in November 2019 after a long battle with severe epilepsy and liver disease.  His frequent seizures, which I learned to live with and nurture during our time together, is why the Paperie is called "Electric Poodle."


Chunky was truly one of the kindest, most loving souls I've ever known. During a stretch of particularly good health, Chunky worked as a therapy dog at a hospital in Baltimore.  His contagious smile and adorable waddle brought joy to so many patients and passersby. 


He was the "goodest boy" and The Paperie will forever be dedicated in his honor .

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